It is with great regret that I have been forced to close down the SBGS web site after 14 years.
As with the old school building the web site will be simply wiped from history.

The reason is the chilling GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that comes into force on 25 May 2018. Although a few of the aims of the GDPR are laudable, in that the intention is to stop the likes of Google and Facebook harvesting your data, the appalling way that it has been drafted means it also has very serious ramifications for small sites such as this. The restrictions imposed by the GDPR mean that for the site to continue in any meaningful form it would have been necessary to obtain consent from every living individual identified in any way on the site in order to display or use their personal data. An absolutely impossible task.

Whilst Article 89(2) of the GDPR may have applied to a limited extent, the legal status is far from clear.

I regret that I cannot even pass on any of the personal data such as names or photographs to a third party as under the GDPR this would be classed as a Data Breach leaving me open to criminal prosecution and the potential threat of enormous fines.

Although the GDPR is EU legislation, it has been adopted hook, line and sinker by the British Government and will still remain in force after Brexit. In fact Brexit may actually make the situation worse if the EU decides that Britain's own privacy laws are inadequate.

You can read more about the GDPR at: GDPR - ICO summary  or the full directive at:  GDPR

My sincere heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site over the years and the efforts they put in to trying to make it a lasting and useful historical and social document. It enabled many old friends to contact each other again.

This, very sadly, is the world that WE have allowed to be created - George Orwell would be so proud!

David Paterson - May 2018